Fabrics, ornaments and tools used by the Quechua and Inca.

The largest Surinam collection in the Netherlands. Special items include a kwakwa bangi, a bench/altar used in a Winti ritual and a diorama of G. Schouten from 1834.

A unique collection that counts about 1100 fabrics.

A collection about life during World War II in the Netherlands.

Power figures, dignity rods and ornamental weapons, that belonged belonged to population groups such as the Vili, Cabinda, Yombe and Woyo.

The Ndbele collection provides a complete picture of Ndebele culture - a unique collection in the Netherlands.

Important heritage from the Maluku Islands: fabrics, tree bark cloths, plaited items and weapons.

A good image of the continuity and change of an Arctic culture.

The most important collection of drawings and objects from the camps set up by the Japanese in World War II in Netherlands East Indies, Burma, Thailand and Japan.

Unglazed Berber earthenware from Morocco’s Rif region.


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